Business DEDICATED High Speed Internet

Call 540-709-7070  and ask for specialized package plans to fit your business needs. Specialized package plans include large scale projects such as hotels, multi-level developments, and commercial & residential developments.

Static IP

Static IP options are available upon request.


KGI's business speeds for upload and download are DEDICATED! The result is super fast high speed internet! KGI understands that businesses need reliability and speed!


*all download and upload speeds are "up to." Prices listed are for most businesses. Specialized pricing is available for NON-Standard and large scale developments.

Business CONTRACT Installation Prices

*prices apply to standard installations only. does not apply to the following: BUSINESSES REQUIRing SPECIAL EQUIPMENT for non-standard installations which requires special price QUOTEs. Medium/large scale BUSINESS installations, such as hotels, multi-level developments, or residential/commercial developments require specialized pricing for large scale projects. non-standard, specialty installations require 30% down payment. If customer cancels special order, 30% down payment is not refunded, but applied to KGI's 30% restocking fee. Prices do not include tax. Site visit may be required


KGI will perform a speed test at business location of where service is desired. The results will determine which speed plans are available for that particular location. Installation costs will vary according to which contract plan is chosen. An evaluation will be made at the first site visit.  Site visit will determine packages and speeds. Not all packages are available in all areas. The typical equipment installed is an antenna, router, and wire connecting the two. 

The first payment will typically include a one-time installation fee (plus tax), first month's payment, and $20 control fee (plus tax). All plans are prepaid monthly by credit or debit card. 

If special equipment is needed, the technician will advise the business of the specifics and the additional cost.  See "Business Plans" above for more information on various installation contracts and costs. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Warranty & Upgrade Policy