How KGI WISP Installs Work


Located within Line-of-Sight in Shiloh?

Residences located within line-of-sight of the Shiloh tower can typically receive speeds extremely high and extremely fast. With this type of install, typically a small antenna can installed. If line of sight is possible with a taller pole, there are various sizes to help get that line of sight. A site survey will be required to verify.

Located on Flat or High Ground?

Non-line-of-sight frequencies work through foliage as far as 5-7 miles from the tower.  With this type of topo, a small antenna can be fastened on the roof or in the yard. If there are trees close to the residence, a tripod can be used to reach over the trees.

Located in a hollow?

Residences located in low areas or in a hollow would only be able to use Non-Line-of-Sight frequency if the antenna is raised above the hollow space. That would require being installed on a tall tree or with a large tripod and pole. There are various sizes from small to large. If there are trees close to the residence, then the antenna must be raised above them in order for the frequency to receive a proper signal.

There are other frequencies that could possibly work, but a site survey would be required and testing.

Why does my neighbor have a small antenna but I need a large tripod?

With frequencies, everything depends on the landscape and the foliage. Seeing the desperate need of high speed and the difficult terrain, KGI decided to have multiple sizes of tripods and poles as an immediate solution.  Note: KGI will ask the residence owner to look at what is needed to be installed before installing the equipment. The residence owner has the opportunity to decide whether or not to use KGI's services.

Are there any updates?

KGI has been consistently working to get more frequencies as an additional solution to the terrain, foliage, and federal zone.  KGI is also working on a testing area with a new frequency for the hollow areas. Please be patient as the infrastructure is put in place to begin testing.

I'm on the waiting list, why haven't I received a call?

Due to the location of King George, there is a process KGI must follow. We are  busy on infrastructure and making sure of compliance and testing the tower equipment.  Sometimes KGI is told to "wait" and we have no control over it.

Regarding the waiting list: KGI has divided the waiting list into sections according to the terrain and currently acquired towers. KGI presently has equipment in four areas: KGI-2: Monroe/Dahlgren area: Rt 206, Rt 301, Rt 218, The Meadows, and vicinities; KGI-2: Shiloh area - reach: Rt 301, Rt 3,  Rt 17, Port Royal, Westmoreland sections, and vicinities; KGI-3:  Marlborough Point and Widewater in Stafford; and KGI-4: Shiloh near the King George County Line and Westmoreland (District 3 Precinct 2 and District 4).

KGI answers every email and phone message received. If a web request or email request was sent and  no return acknowledgement of that message was received, then KGI did not receive the message. Please call the office and speak directly with the customer service staff.

We have a large waiting list for the non-line-of-sight and are currently calling those in the Dahlgren and Shiloh area. If we have not called, it's because we are not ready for that area yet.

KGI is growing and acquires new towers as the need increases in that area.  A good way to get KGI to come to your area is by getting your neighbors together to petition KGI's services. Equipment is costly and having a large commitment from an area would encourage a feasibility study from KGI.  

Feel free to call our office from 8am-4pm Monday - Friday. We will do our best to let you know the updates.