Additional Pricing for IT Support Services

KGI Communications Technical Support Team stands ready to help our residential customers.

Telephone and email assistance charges are as follows:

  • Initial Router Set Up, including Wi-Fi set up, on Installation Day - FREE

  • Telephone and email help with Customer's Electronic Devices,  Smart TVs, Computers, Routers, Wi-Fi assistance (including passwords), KGI's CPE/router and Troubleshooting (if no fault of KGI) - $30 per half hour (minimum charge $30) 

IT assistance in the home with additional KGI routers and/or customer's compatible router, customer's electronic devices, Smart TVs, computers, Wi-Fi additional assistance, KGI's CPE/router and Troubleshooting (if no fault of KGI):

  • On day of installation (scheduled with installation): $100/hour (minimum $100)
  • Scheduled appointment:  Trip Cost to home from main office: $5/mile, plus $120/hour (minimum $120)