Update: New Service Area near Rollins Fork


Additional Pricing for IT Support Services

KGI Communications Technical Support Team stands ready to help our residential customers.

Telephone and email assistance charges are as follows:

  • Initial Router Set Up, including Wi-Fi set up, on Installation Day - FREE

  • Telephone and email help with Customer's Electronic Devices,  Smart TVs, Computers, Routers, Wi-Fi assistance (including passwords), KGI's CPE/router and Troubleshooting (if no fault of KGI) - $30 per half hour (minimum charge $30) 

IT assistance in the home with additional KGI routers and/or customer's compatible router, customer's electronic devices, Smart TVs, computers, Wi-Fi additional assistance, KGI's CPE/router and Troubleshooting (if no fault of KGI):

  • On day of installation (scheduled with installation): $100/hour (minimum $100)
  • Scheduled appointment:  Trip Cost to home from main office: $5/mile, plus $120/hour (minimum $120)