KGI was born from the deepest desperation and frustration of the CEO of CRC Contracting Inc, a local King George County company that works at a national level. Since the internet was absolutely necessary for the growth of any company like ours, it was very difficult to communicate with clients and suppliers. The idea of moving the company out of King George arose; however, he imagined that there were many people who were in the same predicament. As a result, Mr. Marte decided that he would not move the company; but would bring internet to his county. Thus, the idea of KGI Communications LLC was conceived.


  1. To give the young people and residents the comfort of technology in their homes;
  2. To provide a good service for the residents who work from home;
  3. To help prepare young people interested in technology to develop their potential;
  4. To offer high quality internet service;
  5. To strengthen local commerce; and
  6. To provide a source of employment for all the community, involving young people in the area of technology and marketing.
  7. To provide the capability for Tele-health


To be an internet service provider that reaches every home in Planning District 16 with a quality service that is accessible to all.

Juan Marte, CEO

Juan Marte is the owner of two foreign companies: a large concrete construction company and an internet service provider (ISP).

In the United States, Mr. Marte is the owner of two additional companies: CRC Contracting, Inc. and KGI Communicatons LLC. CRC Contracting, established in 2002, is a general contractor who specializes in commercial installation of doors and hardware. KGI Communications LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of CRC. KGI is a wireless internet provider (WISP), currently providing high speed internet to Planning District 16.