Various Fees

KGI will assess the following fees for our Service, where applicable:

  • Installation Fees: Varies Depending on Equipment - see Installation Pricing
  • Residential Equipment Control Fee: $12.00/month
  • Business Equipment Control Fee: $20.00/month
  • Equipment Repair/Replacement Fee: $200/each
  • Late Payment Fee: Charged immediately after due date - $20.00 per month delinquent
  • Service Disconnect Date: 3 days after due date due to non-payment; Reconnect fee if service is restored
  • Cancellation/Disconnect Fee: $80.00
  • Early Termination Fee for 2-year contract:  Effective immediately at termination - 10% of total remaining months + $80 early termination fee
  • Reconnection Fee for Terminated Service Due to Non-Payment or service disconnect: $80.00
  • Unreturned Equipment Fee: 30 days after cancellation - $350 or cost of Equipment, whichever is greater
  • Credit card chargeback fee: $94.00
  • Restocking Fee: 30% of special order install quoted price
  • CAN-SPAM Damage Resolution Fees: $4,000.00