warranty & Upgrade policy

Warranty Information

You may return the router or antenna for a replacement if it becomes inoperable due to defective materials or workmanship within one year of the install date.


  • Contact us to regarding a replacement.
  • We may replace your KGI router or antenna equipment with a similar or refurbished product.
  • Lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed equipment will be replaced at KGI market price and charged to the customer.
  • We must receive the defective equipment within 14 days of notifying us. Items received after 14 days will be billed for the equipment replacement.


  • Replacing defective KGI equipment provided to you, including modems and routers
  • Labor of KGI services and its authorized technicians

Not covered:

  • Equipment damaged or destroyed through customer's, or any agent of customer's, negligent or intentional acts
  • Customer modifications to the covered equipment
  • Equipment destroyed due to fire or natural disasters, such as flood damage or other causes outside of KGI's control
  • Equipment or labor ordered or obtained by customer from any person or entity other than KGI


  • Equipment won’t be accepted  or warranty honored if KGI's equipment is received after 14 days and it is deemed defective by KGI.
  • If equipment is not deemed defective by KGI, a charge for equipment will be required to be paid by customer, if customer receives new equipment.
  • In addition, If equipment is not deemed defective by KGI, a charge for Labor of KGI Services, and current KGI labor rates for its authorized technicians will be required to be paid by customer.

Upgrade Information

Customers may upgrade the KGI router or antenna at any time at the expense of the customer and at the KGI market price. 

Detailed information:

  • If upgrade is requested, customer must call KGI's Customer Service to schedule the service. 
  • At appointment, KGI will install the upgraded equipment and pick up the old KGI equipment.
  • No refunds or credits will be given for the old KGI equipment.

Customer's Responsibilities:

  • Customer will pay at KGI market price for the upgraded equipment.
  • Customer will pay Labor rates of KGI's services and its authorized technicians.
  • Customer will pay on or before scheduled appointment.

* Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.